Why not get rid of that old car, truck or appliances that are no longer operable, you don’t want and is just sitting there taking up space?

With Clunkers for Charity©, you can give (donate) your old vehicle or appliance to our agency (IBSA, Inc.) and we will have it properly disposed by an approved auto salvage company or repaired to resell in the community. The amount we receive for your vehicle if salvaged is the amount you can use to compute your donation for tax-deduction purposes and depending on the condition of a working vehicle, you may be able to receive a larger deductible amount. You can drive it in or we will come and get it. (Topeka Kansas/Shawnee County Only)

This is another avenue IBSA uses to raise funds for our most basic ongoing operating expenses. Support of this initiative allows the agency to add on to those programs aimed at providing youth, single-parents and the low-income with services and resources they need to reach self-sufficiency.

Ask us about donating old appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, etc.

Damaged Vehicles from Dealerships, Insurance Agents, Impound Yards Are Welcome Too!

(913) 735-4272
(785) 422-0761 Message

Clunkers for Charity© is accomplished through a partnership between IBSA, Inc. and P & Q Enterprises, Inc.


IBSA, Inc. is a Kansas nonprofit tax-exempt corporation formed in 1993 to address the socioeconomic needs of individuals traditional agencies fail to serve.

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